Our Safety Policy

Alberta Screw Piles is committed to the goal of conducting all projects, no matter where they take place, while protecting the health and safety of all people. Our safety culture encompasses concern for the safety of our workers, those for whom we work, our suppliers, contractors, their families, the general public and the natural environment

Safety Verification

Alberta Screw Piles Ltd. Is COR Certified


Our Safety Objectives

  • Creation of safe work environments for our clients and their property and maintaining safe working conditions at all Alberta Screw Piles Ltd. worksites.
  • Recognize safety leadership and the safe participation of every worker through positive reinforcements that encourage enthusiastic participation with this program.
  • Reduce the occurrence of personal injuries and occupational diseases to as low a rate as is reasonably possible.
  • Meet and exceed all legislative requirements.
  • Ensure that the administration of our health and safety program is conducted in an efficient, orderly, and transparent manner and our positive health and safety values will be evident to those with whom and for whom we work.
  • Ensure that there is adequate and effective pre-project planning and analysis to lay a positive health and safety foundation.
  • Ensure that effective hazard communication exists and is encouraged at all levels of our organization.
  • Develop and implement engineered and administrative hazard controls to protect all workers and clients.
  • Investigate hazards and incidents including near misses to determine the causes and implement effective corrective action.
  • Provide effective emergency response planning, training and equipment.
  • To provide adequate protective measures for our visitors, those for whom we work, and members of the public when they encounter Alberta Screw Piles Ltd. operations.
  • To ensure compliance with all Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) regulations in each jurisdiction where we work.
  • Provide complete documentation and retain such records that support the health and safety management system.