Engineer & Design

We work with a full team of engineers to make sure the project needs are met for design & drafting to field monitoring & inspections. We may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family.

Every job is site specific. The geotechnical properties and load capacities are closely studied for every project. This ensures that us every pile designed to meet our customer’s needs.

Engineering Pic
  • Pile design
  • Pile layout
  • Pile cap design/details
  • IFC Drawings
  • Onsite engineer monitoring

The team at Alberta Screw Piles Ltd can supply our customers with a simple pile design drawing or a complete project management package.

Alberta Screw Piles Ltd.



We have a wide range of install equipment, for large jobs with high install capacities or multiple install units or small jobs with limited access.

We have install units that can install piles over 30' long in a single length or units that can drive through a 38" opening with a 12' pile.


At Alberta Screw Piles Ltd we use heavy duty carbide tooth rock bits to predrill through the toughest conditions. When installing screw piles you encounter many obstacles that need to be overcome to provide a quality and efficient foundation.

Predrilling is valuable to our customers because it a better product for a better cost by increasing productivity, with reducing non-conformance and reducing damaged piles.

Predrilling can be used to break through dense surface conditions also.

  • Pavement
  • Rocks
  • Frozen ground
  • Concrete
Alberta Screw Piles Ltd.


In-house manufacturing allows us to utilize the materials to the fullest, monitor quality control and ensure our customers are getting the best product for the best cost.

Alberta Screw Piles Ltd.

Field Services

Engineering – We can provide on site engineering solution. Our engineers have the skills and knowledge to help with any onsite solutions required.

Equipment – We have the multiple installation solutions for your project. We have the crew and equipment to install screw piles up to 30’ long. Whether is 2 or 2,000 screw piles we have the knowledge and skills to get the project done.

Field Welding – We supply trained field welders that are CWB Certified and with years of knowledge in the screw piling industry. With the ability to supply our own field welders we can reduce installation time and increase field installation quality. Our field welders understand what is needed to get the project completed in safe and timely manner.

Site Survey – We can provide a full turn key solution for site survey and pile layout. Please contact us to discuss your surveying needs.

Alberta Screw Piles Ltd.